• LANGUAGE: This site is not age-restricted, so keep it SQUEAKY clean.
  • IMAGES AND VIDEOS: SHOW IDEAS, NOT SKIN. Avoid nudity and depictions of violence (or what might, unfortunately, be misunderstood as such). A good rule of thumb is: if you suspect Youtube/Facebook would age-restrict your video/image, we would probably have to do the same.
  • TOPICS: Keep it legal.
  • LENGTH: For Recurring Events: the ideal word count is 500-700 words.
  • For an Advice/How-To Article, 500-700 words (if your piece runs much longer, either trim it or break it down into a series of posts).
    For Op-Eds: 500-1,000 words.
    For Eye-Witness & Participant News Reports, 500-2,000 words.
    For Kinks: up to 1,000 words.


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